Welcome to Issue #4 of 10 By 10 Flash

10x10 Flash Issue #4 cover imageWelcome to Issue #4 of 10 By10 Flash Fiction Stories. Ten more outstanding flash fiction writers are featured, each contributing one story to 10 By 10. 

There are humorous stories by Lawrence Kessenich, E. P. Lande and Ken Kapp and bittersweet tales by Elan Barnehama, A. Molotkov, and Jacqueline Freimor. Taras Bereza from Ukraine whose story while seemingly in the past could apply to today’s war torn country. Michael Neal Morris presents us with what might be a science fiction or just a dream, but then again perhaps a thought after a traumatic experience. Bruce Hoppe brings a modern day western horse story to these pages while Paul Germano closes out this issue with a husband-wife tale about a dog that may be familiar to many readers.

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