The first issue of 10 By 10 Flash Fiction debuted on June 5, 2022. I hope you enjoy the wonderful stories and writers who contributed their efforts.

1. All stories should be 500 words or less (not including title) Only one story per submission (minimum 200 words)    Include bio and head & shoulders jpeg photo
2. If possible in Times Roman, 14 point is preferred; story and bio must be single-spaced
3. No religious, sex, pornographic, overly violent, political stories, or stories that insult, race, religion, professions, disabilities or physical attributes
4. No swearing beyond damn or hell
5. No previously published stories
          Not previously published means in print, online, website, social media (which includes Facebook, and Facebook Groups, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), blogs or shared with any group either online or in print. It also means your story cannot appear in a magazine, journal, book or anthology prior your story in 10 x10 being published online
6. No simultaneous submissions.
7. Only one submission every three months (unless otherwise requested)
8. Allow three weeks before inquiring about status of your story
9. No translations or foreign language stories
10. All genres read and considered


This magazine has a rolling submission; as soon as I have ten stories I like I will publish it.   If you wish to submit you may send one unpublished fiction story of 500 words or less, a bio of any length and a head and shoulders jpeg photo to