Hunting Grounds

by Tony Tinsley

Sam met Tiffany in The Wastrel, a waterfront bar in Seattle. He was sure he charmed her out of her pants but was too drunk to remember the details. Sam returned nightly, looking for Tiff—was that her name?— but soon met Suzi. Drunk but charming, he must have scored again. Then Tricia. Rinse and repeat. But the action dried up, and, in a flash of brilliance, Sam chose a new hunting ground. Spiffed up, fortified by liquid confidence, and oozing bonhomie, he strutted into the library for book club night. And there were Tiffany, Suzi, and Tricia, each with a copy of the runaway best-seller, Clueless: A synonym for male. An epidemic of giggling erupted and morphed into uncontrollable laughter.