Dig ‘Em

by Timothy Gager

Dig ‘Em

When Todd read the obituary for the voice-actor of Dig ‘Em the frog, he got up, went to Purity Supreme and bought twenty boxes of Honey Smacks. They had the same ingredients as the previous Sugar Smacks but honey was undoubtably more of a healthy choice.

It seemed that Dig ‘Em was his only credit. Todd had thought because of similar timbre that he may have been Tony the Tiger, but Dig ‘Em was all, so Todd imagined the man at a party in Hollywood losing his credibility more after each and every sentence.

“So, you’re an actor?”

“A voice actor.”

“Do you do car commercials or maybe some Disney films?”


“Who do you do that we would know?”

Even if the person in conversation recognized Dig ‘Em the frog it didn’t impress. It was better that they didn’t know who Dig ‘Em was, actually.

“Dig ‘Em,” Todd said to the bowl of cereal, and later when he lost his mind, he would say that a lot, but no one at the Memory Care Unit knew what he was talking about. Slowly, one-by-one Todd had forgotten one piece of every memory, followed by losing the next piece of each. He may have first forgotten the location of a conversation, or who the conversation had been with, or confused it all and thought the entire conversation happened in a dream.

“Dig ‘Em,” he said suddenly, but had long forgotten the frog.