In the Air

by Robin Stratton

In the Air

Love is in the air, they can both feel it. Even though he moved out a month ago, he comes by every evening to walk Dobie, their dog. Makes it hard for her to “move on,” which is what every single person tells her she has to do—but what, she’s going to say No to him? When they got Dobie, he was like their kid. She’s not going to be one of those dog moms who refuses access to the dog dad.

Oh she misses being married. She misses having him around, driving her crazy with his complaining, his aches and pains, his family drama. She misses having someone to watch a movie with or eat dinner with or wake up to. His nightly visits keep the hole in her heart open. Does he ever wish he could move back in? How much easier that would be than going through the process of reinventing herself! She feels unprepared to embark on such a daunting endeavour, she feels like she’s done growing, she is who she is and she’s not

going to get any wiser; just older. And he must miss her too – why else would he come by every single evening?

She watches as he crouches down without looking at her and ruffles the fur on Dobie’s head. How you doing, buddy, huh? How you doing? He strokes Dobie’s head. Strokes it and strokes it.