The Power to Heel

by Phil Temples

Sidney is resting on the park bench minding his own business when a woman approaches walking her dog. The canine appears to be some sort of mixed breed. He is large and quite unfriendly. When their eyes meet, the dog begins to tug at his leash in an effort to approach Sidney. The woman holds on with all her strength to keep the dog in check. Suddenly the canine begins to snarl viciously at Sidney. The woman’s shouts have no effect on the animal who now seems hell-bent on attacking Sidney.

Sidney suddenly leaps up from the bench and begins waving his arms wildly while shouting, “BOOGA-BOGGA-BOGGA!”

The dog immediately retreats back to his master, whimpering, his tail tucked between his legs.

The woman shoots Sidney an icy stare and continues walking.

Now that Sidney possesses a power over wild beasts he wonders if it might work on his wife of forty-two years.