by Michael C. Keith

When he was a kid, Alvi heard if you put a sleeping persons fingers in warm water they pee themselves. The idea amused him to no end, and he decided he had to try it. His parents became the obvious targets, since he lived alone with them. He decided against trying the prank on his father, because he knew if he got caught he’d get a lashing. So, it came down to his mother, who might rebuke him but not lay a hand on him. The idea, of course, was not to get caught, and Alvi had a plan for that. After performing the trick, he would hide under his parent’s bed until the coast was clear and then make his escape. He finally decided to take action and when he knew his parents were fast asleep, he

took a plastic bowl from the kitchen, filled it with water, and slipped into their bedroom. He then got under the bed and placed his mother’s dangling hand into the container. It took only seconds for the desired effect to occur and his mother woke with a soft rapturous moan. At that point Alvi and the bowl were well secreted under the bed, and he could see her legs move across the floor to the bathroom. It was all he could do to keep from laughing out loud. During breakfast the next morning, his mother announced she’d had a very stimulating dream the night before, but when asked about it, she refused to give details.