10×10 Flash Issue #16 Now Available

Rob Dinsmoor has had dozens of short stories and flash fiction pieces published in literary magazines, and two of his collections of short fiction, Toxic Cookout and You’ll Never See It Coming, were recently published by Big Table Publishing.

Rob was a kind, gentle person who wrote non fiction about a comedy group of which he was part and about his experiences writing scripts for Nickelodeon. His dog Jack died on Christmas Eve and following two severe illnesses, Rob died peacefully. He was a member of several groups, including the O’Hara’s Prose Writers.  He will be sincerely missed by all who knew his warmth and humor.

10 By 10 Flash Fiction Stories #16

10 by 10 Flash Issue #13 Now Available

Welcome to Issue #13. Unique stories highlight this issue with, as usual, ten writers whose flash fiction will elicit different emotions from sadness to humor. Their stories show individual style and creativity. I tend to select stories which entertain me and hope you will find them the same. So enjoy the ten excellent stories written by ten excellent writers as you relax in a comfortable chair.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

10 by 10 13

10 By 10 Flash Fiction Number 12 is Now Available

Zvi A. Sesling

Welcome to Issue #12. Unique stories highlight this issue with, as usual, ten writers who are among the best flash fiction writers around. They bring years of fiction writing to their stories and show their individual style and creativity. Some have appeared in 10 By 10 before and we are fortunate they have chosen to write for us again. So you are sure to enjoy the ten excellent stories written by ten excellent writers.

Zvi A. Sesling

10 by 10 12

10 By 10 Flash Fiction Number 11 is Now Available

10x10 Flash Number 11 coverWelcome to Issue #11. This issue features two returning authors, Rob Dinsmoor and Sandra Arnold. Ms. Arnold’s story comes to us all the way from New Zealand, while Marcelo Medone sends us his flash piece from Uruguay. You will also enjoy Gene Murphy from Kerry, Ireland and Mark Broucek from London, England. The other authors are from Massachusetts, Arizona, Illinois, New York and two from California. Please sit back in a comfy chair or couch and enjoy the ten excellent writers.

Welcome to Issue #10 of 10 By 10 Flash

Zvi A. Sesling

Welcome to the First Anniversary Issue of 10 By 10 Flash Fiction Stories. It was one year ago this month that the first issue was published online with ten outstanding writers. This issue celebrates that first one by having the ten writers submit new work. Unfortunately one writer could not participate, so one of my favorite flash fiction authors, Gay Degani agreed to step in and her outstanding story is first up. The other nine writers return with their unique takes that once again make you laugh, cry and above all think. So pull up a comfortable chair, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Welcome to Issue #7 of 10 By 10 Flash

Zvi A. SeslingWelcome to Issue #7. During the seven months we have been publishing, we have had a number of great writers, including some of the best of the genre like Paul Beckman, Robert Scotellaro, Kathy Fish, Karen Schauber, Jacqueline Doyle, Katherine Kulpa, Jayne Martin, Michael C. Keith, Rob Dinsmoor, Phil Temples, Francine Witte, Tim Gager, Renuka Raghavan, Niles Reddick, Riham Adly, Gay Degani, Sandra Arnold, Gloria Mindock and Brad Rose to name but a few of the 70 authors so far.

We have received submissions from Egypt, the U.K., New Zealand, Canada, Ukraine, Wales, Ireland, India and of course the United States. The stories have run the gamut from serious to crime to romantic to light sci-fi and humor. All the writers present wonderful, thoughtful stories that will entertain both in this issue, past issues and hopefully future issues. And at Paul Beckman’s suggestion I have included a story of my own in this issue.

So enter these pages, read and enjoy the ten writers in 10 By 10.


Zvi A. Sesling